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You awake in a dark cave, with seemingly no memories of your past or your whereabouts.

And it's black. So black.

Be careful.

Genre: Eerie/Dark/Spooky

Language: English


Average gameplay time: 30 minutes (more if played more endings)

Tip: to skip already seen text, hold down Ctrl


My first release, a short project made in ren'py in about two weeks for NaNoReno17. I apologize for possible typos.

It's a Visual Novel game with multiple endings (9): playing more than one ending helps you understand what's going on (at least ending 1, 3 and 5). There's a bit of blood and gore(?), mostly censured, but I rated it R-18 just to be sure.

If you want to help me improve, RATE THE GAME or leave a COMMENT below to let me know your thoughts - or if you encountered some errors, typos, bugs and what-not: I'd greatly appreciate it :)

Also, please note that I've only tested the Pc version.

EDIT 04/09/2017:

Added Walkthrough.

EDIT 04/10/2017:

Re-upload: Main typos hunted down and destroyed. Fed them to the creature.

*No more sweatH and dirt to smell for him.*

One minor bug fixed.

(I still forgot to change "fireplace" with "bonfire" *sigh*)

EDIT 04/14/2017:

Someone asked, so I enabled donations. The game stays free, though.

EDIT 04/19/2017:

We have reached 600 downloads! Thank you SO much guys and gals!

I also want to send a huge (seriously, HUGE) thank you to the person who donated :) you have all my gratitude...and also this **gives you a big bear hug**


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Who are you...?

This game took me by surprise! A lot of choices, and lovely dialog!

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Thank you, and thank you for your gameplay! I nearly died every time the "Pecan the great etc." popped out, escpecially during the ending X°°°°D

I'm sorry for the easily skippable text...if it happens again, just use the scroll wheel of your mouse or the "Rollback" button (on the bottom of the screen) to go back.

Anyway, I'm really happy you liked my game: if you're interested in playing more endings, story-wise I'd recommend ending 1 and 3 to complete your "journey" - there's a walkthrough in the download section, just in case you might need it.

Oh, and one more, totally optional thing: I noticed that almost anyone here got only one..."version" of the story. Sure, the paths to reach the endings are always the same, but if you want to have fun and try a different "twist" (maybe for ending 1 or ending 9 since you already got ending 5), try picking these choices: "...Hi" - "No one" - "Where am I" - "Go with him" - "Eat the meat raw - "Thanks, I guess" - "Enter the cave"

Thanks for the reply! I really did love this game, the story was so surprising with the different options and I can't wait to get the other endings! Great work on this!

I got the chance to play this game and it was great! Although I didnt have much luck with the endings (which was my fault definitely) XD But I really did appreciate how different everyones gameplay can be.

If you wanna check out my video its down below.

Hi, thank you so much for your gameplay! I watched it, and I'm really glad you enjoyed my game :D

If you want to get a better/more satisfying ending, or you're just curious about those "creatures", ending 5 explains things a bit more (the walkthrough in the download section might help) ^_^

THAT ENDING :') thanks for the game ^_^ hope you like my video :)


Thank you for your gameplay! I'm glad you liked that ending XD

who are you?

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Thank you for playing my game! :) (ps: ending 3 and 5 were a bit more "unexpected", if you want to check them out)

you are very welcome....you are the only maker to reply to me yet :) least that means you care great job dude

Creepy game.

Thank you for playing the game :) I hope you liked it

Are there any jumpscares in this? I'm playing this in the same room that my mom is in, so I don't want to suddenly start screaming.

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Thanks for playing my game :) I know it's late for a reply but **SPOILERS** no real jumpscares, unless who plays is someone very, very easily scared.

Gave it a go...

Thank you so much for playing the game! :)

Hello! I wonder - how to contact you by email? :)

Feel free to write here, if you want :) but if you'd prefer: schiva.games@gmail.com

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hi and big thx for this really great adventure. great artwork and this creepy story...ilove it. i played 2 of the nine endings and it is so scary. greetings from germany

Danke schön to YOU for playing my game (and also for following me)! I'm really, really happy you liked it :) (the fact that I don't know any German won't stop me from watching your gameplay ;) )

I'm sorry, apparently I coded the fireplace wrong ^^" it wasn't supposed to lit iself if you didn't start it before... oh well, at least you survived, guess it's positive XD

Watch the gameplay here!!

This is an awesome new indie horror game with an oh so gripping story.

Thank you for making a gameplay! :) Also, I'm sorry the game crashed. I guess it's due to the high resolution (1920x1080) that can be though for certain computers; If not, let me know and I'll look into the problem.

For people who would rather watch gameplay:

This game is very interesting so far. I have only unlocked 4 out of the 9 endings so far, and I can say it's well worth the time if you are into story-driven games. This game's likability lies in its simplicity. Also, I commend you for giving literally everyone credit in the game for every little thing. Most indie games don't do that, or at least I can't find it without looking in the game files. Anyways, I could see this being on steam for maybe a dollar or two, or even on itch.io for a small price. Thanks for making it free though.

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I can die happy, now. Thank you! Thank you, so so much! I wasn't sure about what the reception of my game would be, because this was my first one and I'm a total newbie...(btw, seeing a gameplay felt almost surreal!) but you said so many positive things...thank you, really.

About the other endings: some things are different, but I made this game in a short time, so I didn't really expand the storyline much further. I hope, though, that you will like them anyway.

If you struggle to get them, let me know and I'll write a walkthrough of some sort.

(Ps - sorry for the in game typos - and also, I subscribed ;) )

Also, to skip already seen text, hold Ctrl on your keyboard :)

I will admit, i tried recording for the other endings but struggled. Alot of the different text and paths, give me some of the same endings. Ill let you know tomorrow if I need help. Thank you for the tip btw!

I would like to know what the game is about more, before i make a video on it, so please, i need more info.

Hi, thank you for your interest in my game! This is a short visual novel game: it has multiple storylines and more than one ending (9). Basically, it's a choice game with mostly static images: at the beginning, you find yourself in a cave, with a strange creature that doesn't want to let you go. Based on your responses to him, you'll determine your and the creature's fate - and if you die or not in the cave. I hope this helps :)

Also, playing all the endings helps you understand what's really going on.

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Played It. Awesome is all i can say. The sound effects in the start could use some work though. First impression is the best one. There are of course typos in the game but when you want to finish it in two weeks, i know the pressure! That is all I could suggest. Other things are perfect. Story is amazing too! Enjoyed it very much!

Thank you for your suggestions :) soon I'll release a new version and fix those ugly typos. English is not my native language and I was a bit rusty ^^"

No problem, the game was awesome though!