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You awake in a dark place, with seemingly no memories of your past or your whereabouts.

And it's black. So black.

Be careful.


Genre:  Eerie/Dark/Spooky



Russian (by Keepers of Time)

German (by Marcel Weyers)

French (by Coline Huet)

Chinese (by Huang Yue)

Spanish (by Mokou17)

Romanian (by XChriss)

Average gameplay time: 15-30 minutes (more if played more endings)

Tip: to skip already seen text, hold down Ctrl

To rollback text, use the scroll wheel or the "Scrollback" textbutton.

And if you want to laugh, click "V" on your keyboard.


My first release, a short project made in ren'py in about two weeks for NaNoReno17.

It's a Visual Novel game with multiple endings (9): some are ''dead ends'' whilst others are story related. Playing more than one ending helps you understand what's going on (specifically ending 1, 3 and 5). There's a bit of blood and gore(?), mostly censured, but I rated it R-18 just to be sure.

If you want to help me improve, RATE THE GAME or leave a COMMENT below to let me know your thoughts - or if you encountered some errors, typos, bugs and what-not: I'd greatly appreciate it :)

Also, please note that I've only tested the Pc version.


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Black-3.1.2-pc.zip 244 MB
Black-3.1.2-mac.zip 227 MB
BLACK walkthrough.txt 1 kB

Development log


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Such an amazing game/experience from something done in 2 weeks!!! WOW! I loved the ambience and the creature and how the simple elements like the two eyes and the smile were enough to make me feel uncomfortable!! I got ending 5 right away and had a blast going through all the different options for the variety of dialogue/endings.... but really, what was that meat he gave us?? hmmmmm...

Also, I can't, for the life of me, get the third image from the 1st row... I tried to kill the creature as No One and I did the same things that gave me the second and fourth image (woman/man doing the killing) :c please help! I'd love to have a full gallery...

Keep it up!!

Hi Idajock! Thank you so much for your kind words! Mmm, that mysterious, purple meat...what is it? Where does it come from? Only the kid knows! XD

To get the image: when the creature asks who you are, tell him you are a man (this picture is the gender variation of the 1st picture of the 1st row). Don't kill him in the cave, believe in his words and when the game lets you choose beetween leaving or staying with him, leave the cave. Hope this helps!


it worked! thanks so much!!!


First ending I got was "Home" and honestly, I dont even want to get the other endings, im happy with my charcoal child and thats that


This was a really fun game!  I love imagining the drawing we got!

But what was that met he gave us???


Add Brazillian Portuguese pls


Amazing concept! It allows multiple interpretations and leaves you thinking. Very stimulating.

For me the protag represents the rational mind while the Kid represent the emotional self.


very wholesome


True ending right off the bat, I loved it <3


Hello! I've been struggling to get ending 6 to work, and even with having followed the other endings, I still do not have all of the photos?
When I follow the walkthrough listed for ending 6, I only get ending 7?

And for the images, I am missing...
1st row: 4th image
2nd row: 1st, 2nd, and 4th
3rd row: 3rd image

If anyone could give me some advice on how to get the 7th ending and those photos, I would really appreciate it as I want to fully complete the game!! <3

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Hi Angie! Thank you for playing the game :)

to get ending 6: 

get away from me! - who are you? - is that the only thing - I'm not going to answer - Where am I? - No - I'm not hungry - no - insult - leave it there - be aggressive - be evasive - start a fire - have you seen yourself? - sleep - Stay

For the Gallery images:

1st row: 4th image (play as a man and kill the creature)

2nd row: Play as No one, pick the brave options like "go with him, eat the meat raw, enter the cave". Always be kind to the creature and tell the truth (important: remember to start the Fire).

       For the 1st image, don't kill the creature and after the choice, leave him; for         the 2nd kill him; for the 4th, stay with him

3rd row: 3rd image (pick:  Hi ---- I'm No one --- where am I? --- go with him --- eat --- don't say anything --- eat it raw --- be aggressive --- be evasive --- start a fire --- have you seen yourself? --- sleep --- Enter the cave --- Don't kill --- Yes --- Stay with him)


Absolutely wonderful experience, easily one of my new favourite visual novels. I loved how it played out as a conversation, it made the choices so much more meaningful and really made me feel like I really got to know the 'monster'. You've managed to create such a beautiful atmosphere with the art and music, and I love all the unique option names (and hitting V was a hilarious little option). I was a little surprised to see the game had 9 endings to find despite the short run time, but each of them fit really well into the story and I loved replaying the game to get all of them (got the true ending on the first try and it was so heartwarming). Overall I had a lot of fun with this game and I have no doubt I'll be returning to it again. 

P.S. I've gotten all of the endings but there's one picture I just cannot find. Third row down, second from the right. Any hints you can offer? 


Hi anmanarrative, thank you SO much for playing the game and for leaving your feedback, words like yours are always a huge motivation! 

For the picture you can't find, try picking these options:

Hi ---- I'm No one --- where am I? --- go with him --- eat --- don't say anything --- eat it raw --- be aggressive --- be evasive --- start a fire --- have you seen yourself? --- sleep --- Enter the cave --- Don't kill --- Yes --- Stay with him 

let me know if this is the right picture, and thanks again!


That's it, I've got all the pictures now. Thank you :D 


Really cool Visual Novel, honestly the only complaint I have is that it could use some more ambience noise/music. But yea other then that fun fun ride. 


<3 more games like this, and world will be better place


I found my comment/review and I updated the video link. But I found it was too far back so, if the game creators will let me, I'll repost my comment: This game was well done. I mean EXTREMELY well done. I love the atmosphere, it really took me in and I feel like it had accomplished as to what it was intended for. There were no boring sections of the game, no frame drops - thankfully - and the artwork was absolutely fantastic. I do plan on covering this a bit more through my playthroughs, so, go check out the first episode! Here's the video:

Thank you, LAF! 

You're welcome!


Chilling story and an honor to narrate. It makes me miss it all over again. Many thanks for the work and much love 

Hello! I am a university student from Turkey and I am studying English language for 3 years now. I had some minor experiences with translation and in the future I am planning to have a career in game localization. Your game is very interesting and I would love to translate it to Turkish for free! :) If you are interested please contact me.


twitter: asli_o_o


It was awesome. I really enjoyed this game.

I am a brazilian guy and that is the video from my channel.

(I translate some parts of the game :) 


OMG This game was so creepy! But I loved the true ending. Great job getting this amazing game done in two weeks! 🙌❤


This was such an awesome game! And I'm glad I got the true ending.... but now it's time to replay and make bad decisions xD


I got ending 5 and wow I am so happy! So adorable and I loved every minute of it!


This game was wonderful! I honestly loved every second of it. Ending 5 really warmed my heart, and I love how many endings are available- really keeps me hooked! I adore this game <3


This was amazing!! I loved this so much!!!


this game is really good!


wow!! okay so ive only played through this once so far (got ending 5/8 yes im very happy) but wow. this is really good!! i love the graphics, the characters and im..enjoying (?) the atmosphere.


Good game liked it.

This was actually pretty good! I never see these types of games as often where you have multiple choices to choose from in order to affect the outcome of the game. I got different endings so far. I got the true endings, both where the kid remains as a monster and where he was discovered as being another human disguised as a monster. I also got the more darker one where you kill him... >:D That ending literally calls you a monster. Note: I didn't intentionally want to kill him, I wanted to find out as many endings as possible. 

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Wow, this game and the story was pretty interesting. I hope there will be a part two!


I'm planning on playing through all the endings but I just!!! I just got one of the endings and I'm so!!! I wanna cry from how good and cute it was my heART! I love Kid with all I am and :(((((( I would like to give Kid many hugs, it's what Kid deserves. Anyway, I got ending 5/8 and I'm excited to get the others, thank you so much for taking this game!!!


I enjoyed the experience very much. Thank you


I just played the game. I was expecting it to be bad through and through. (Not bad quality, I mean, a bad scenario/plot line) but then I got the fifth ending after getting like three others and my heart- I never ever expected such a dark tale about surviving a creature to turn into something so-- heartwarming. Just like the kid, on the outside it seems scary and dark but once you search and give it a change, it really wasn't what you expected.

Thank you so much for this experience! Please make so many more games!!


happened to get the true ending on the first try. this is a really lovely game, especially for something you made in two weeks. the music and sounds are unsettling, the story is soft yet jagged and stabs you in each limb. one of my favorite ren.py games i've played in a while. thank you for this.





I love it so far! I've just played through once and I got the fifth ending. Almost makes me not want to try some of the other options... It's just so sweet. I'll power through, but tears may be involved.


Pew pew!

Great and compelling story with such intriguing mystery and

. Loved every minute of it!

hi u are so funny

can u play mine it s puzzle game


Hi joseph glad you enjoyed the vid! And yes i'd be happy to plays yours I do have a couple of vids to do first but I should have yours up by this upcoming Wednesday and I will send you the vid to see if you like it thanks in advance for the game much appreciated!

(1 edit)

thx i m waitng ur video

and ur chacteur in ur video is fuunny i want make ur video on page game

Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed and hopefully I can do your game justice too :)


Oh my, I've been trying to get all the routes and unlock all the photos in the gallery but I've only managed to complete the first 5 endings as well as one tagged '??'. The more I play BLACK, the more questions I have... In other words, I'm hooked! And have already filled 8 pages of save-slots, hehe

So I'll admit that I was freaking scared within the first few minutes. The atmosphere and stuff--- Really effective! Especially since I died in less that 5 minutes during my first 2 attempts. But I put my cowardice away and decided to really tackle this quest for a happy ending! Turns out, I'm actually loving it and can't be satiated until I manage to get all the endings and images! Right now, I lack the 6th and 7th endings, as well as the 1st, 4th, 6th, 8th and 11th photos. But I'll keep trying, in hopes of learning more about the plot!!!!

Thanks for creating such a fun game! I really enjoyed it! There's just one choice in the french version that's in English. The part where the MC insists to not eat and the creature asks why. Hope that's not a spoiler; just wanted to point it out in case... Otherwise, great job to you and the translators and whoever helped in the making!!! I hope more people get to enjoy this fun game!

Good game! :)

This game was pretty awesome and funny. It mostly reminded me of Doki Doki Literature Club but only because that game made a big impact on me and it was made ALSO with Ren'Py. I am not sure if I will play this game again but I am glad I gave it a try!

Aw. I got true ending, and that was really cute

Hi, could you share the game's file in ren'py? I mean the files that you were coding and making the game etc...

I just want to know how you did some parts of the game.


Hi salehodinie,

since I'm not an expert at coding (this was my first game, and I'm still learning) I wouldn't recommend using my game as a reference, but what I can recommend is browsing the lemmasoft forums and in particular the cookbook (I took a lot of the coding from there):


Hope this helps :)

Thank you very much.

BTW, I finished your game and I really enjoyed it!!

I finished  5 endings I think.

one more thing, I haven't even make a single game in ren'py (because I don't even have an artist to draw characters, so I am learning illustrator and  photoshop) and I wanted to know if you can do this:

let's say we have character (a) and (b)

when (1) says anything, voice acting starts and also music starts 

when (2) says anything after (1) finishes, his voice acting starts and the previous music continues,

is that possible? sorry for my bad English.

I am from Yemen (Arabic Country), I live in Saudi Arabia, that means I can translate your game to Arabic if you want.

Thank you!

and yes, it's possible. In the game option.rpy write:  define config.has_voice = True

then in the game script you can code like this:

label start:

    stop music fadeout 0.9

    play music "music/music1.mp3"  ###if you put the audio file in a different folder inside the game folder, write the path, like -> "music_folder_name/music1.mp3"

    voice "voice1.mp3" ###same as above, if you have a different folder write the path -> "voice_folder_name/voice1.mp3"
    m "Hello!"
    p "(. . .)"
    voice "voice2.mp3"
    p "Who are you?"

   stop music fadeout 1


also, if you download this other game you will have a wonderful example on how to do it: https://via01.itch.io/dont-open-your-eyes the scripts are uncrypted, so you can learn a lot on the process by examine the game files (and the game itself is very, very good! One of my favorites)

If you don't have an artist, you can ask to collaborate with someone by writing here for a free project: https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewforum.php?f=59

or if you want to do everything for yourself, you could always use pre-made, cc free assets (this link is just an example, but if you search "free assets renpy" you'll find a lot more): https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=56612&p=517667&hilit=free+assets#p517667

Again, I encourage you to read the cookbook because it's a life changer (XD) and also the people on the forum are very helpful and nice, they always answer all of your doubts on coding and stuff.

I appreciate the offer for a translation, it's always so awesome to have my game in other languages :D but right now I am abroad and I don't have the project on my pc, so I can't generate a translation script for you. If you want you can leave me your email so that I can contact you when I come back, or email me at schiva.games@gmail.com.

I thank you again for playing my game, and I will gladly play yours when it's done! Don't give up! 

Have a wonderful day (and btw, your english is perfect )

Thanks for the information bro, my Email is : salehdodinie@gmail.com

I will try to learn and I will let you know when I finish making my game.

I have another question if you don't mind, let's say I have made a game with 2000 words.....and I want to test the last sentence in the game (I want to see it's colour) is there a way to start the game at the last sentence?? I don't want to go over everything again and again.


Thankyou for the emotional journey!


And thank you for your gameplay! :D


This was a really interesting game I loved it, The fact that you made it in 2 weeks more or less surprised me. It's an amazing game with amazing visuals and the english was great. Hopefully I'll get to see you make more amazing games

This really motivates me, thank you so much!!!

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