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You awake in a dark place, with seemingly no memories of your past or your whereabouts.

And it's black. So black.

Be careful.


Genre:  Eerie/Dark/Spooky



Russian (by Keepers of Time)

German (by Marcel Weyers)

French (by Coline Huet)

Chinese (by Huang Yue)

Spanish (by Mokou17)

Romanian (by XChriss)

Average gameplay time: 15-30 minutes (more if played more endings)

Tip: to skip already seen text, hold down Ctrl

To rollback text, use the scroll wheel or the "Scrollback" textbutton.

And if you want to laugh, click "V" on your keyboard.


My first release, a short project made in ren'py in about two weeks for NaNoReno17.

It's a Visual Novel game with multiple endings (9): some are ''dead ends'' whilst others are story related. Playing more than one ending helps you understand what's going on (specifically ending 1, 3 and 5). There's a bit of blood and gore(?), mostly censured, but I rated it R-18 just to be sure.

If you want to help me improve, RATE THE GAME or leave a COMMENT below to let me know your thoughts - or if you encountered some errors, typos, bugs and what-not: I'd greatly appreciate it :)

Also, please note that I've only tested the Pc version.


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Black-3.1.2-pc.zip 244 MB
Black-3.1.2-mac.zip 227 MB
BLACK walkthrough.txt 1 kB

Development log


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Jeu vraiment incroyable !!! J'aime beaucoup !

Belle surprise

Hello, I would like to get in touch with the author if possible. If anyone knows how and can let me know, I'd appreciate it.

Really creepy. I loved the creature's smile it was very scary! The true ending really surprised me, but I enjoyed all of it. Thanks for making this.

Fantastic! Great writing, and good story, not mentioning the level of creepiness. Like it, like it a lot.

Well done!


I think this game is well put together and thought out. Loved the graphics and interaction and story...

i loved this game alot its very fun

I really liked this game! It has a complex enough story to make it interesting and replayable, but at the same time is simple enough to have a nice time figuring it out!

Kudos for this game!

Chilling story and an honor to narrate. It makes me miss it all over again. Many thanks for the work and much love 

Hey there! I played your game yesterday and wow, it was beautiful. I loved it!

this was so much fun, and the true ending was so cute! absolutely loved it, and I can't wait to see what else you may have in store for this game

I love it and the true ending made me cry.

I liked the overall atmosphere and mystery in the game.

art is really cool! 

Full Play No Commentary - True Ending "Home"

pt 2 if possible :))) i rlly love the setting of the black creature so so much. I'm glad i watch the video from Manlybadasshero to not miss out this amazing game!

btw ur english so good ngl im surprised u still afraid of making grammar mistake.


Taken a walk in the woods and realize that there is suddenly no sound around you and you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as if you're being stalked by some unseen predator...I have and Black toke me right back to that very terrifying moment.  I got the good ending if you call it that.  I think you created a very awesome and suspense-filled game.  I hope to see more of what you create next!


Pretty creepy and all but it was good to end and see the endings.

aw :(


Amazing game, didn't stop until I finally had all the endings hahaha


ayyy pretty good game ngl keep it up and hope u the best br


I loved this game the story was amazing, I could only finish the true ending tho, my soul couldnt handle the other endings lol.


True Ending on first playthrough. A masterpiece of a game, literally the most emotional experience I've had in YEARS.


home ending is <33 played some of the other endings and oh my god theyre horrific


Such an amazing game/experience from something done in 2 weeks!!! WOW! I loved the ambience and the creature and how the simple elements like the two eyes and the smile were enough to make me feel uncomfortable!! I got ending 5 right away and had a blast going through all the different options for the variety of dialogue/endings.... but really, what was that meat he gave us?? hmmmmm...

Also, I can't, for the life of me, get the third image from the 1st row... I tried to kill the creature as No One and I did the same things that gave me the second and fourth image (woman/man doing the killing) :c please help! I'd love to have a full gallery...

Keep it up!!

Hi Idajock! Thank you so much for your kind words! Mmm, that mysterious, purple meat...what is it? Where does it come from? Only the kid knows! XD

To get the image: when the creature asks who you are, tell him you are a man (this picture is the gender variation of the 1st picture of the 1st row). Don't kill him in the cave, believe in his words and when the game lets you choose beetween leaving or staying with him, leave the cave. Hope this helps!


it worked! thanks so much!!!


First ending I got was "Home" and honestly, I dont even want to get the other endings, im happy with my charcoal child and thats that


This was a really fun game!  I love imagining the drawing we got!

But what was that met he gave us???


Add Brazillian Portuguese pls


Amazing concept! It allows multiple interpretations and leaves you thinking. Very stimulating.

For me the protag represents the rational mind while the Kid represent the emotional self.


very wholesome


True ending right off the bat, I loved it <3


Hello! I've been struggling to get ending 6 to work, and even with having followed the other endings, I still do not have all of the photos?
When I follow the walkthrough listed for ending 6, I only get ending 7?

And for the images, I am missing...
1st row: 4th image
2nd row: 1st, 2nd, and 4th
3rd row: 3rd image

If anyone could give me some advice on how to get the 7th ending and those photos, I would really appreciate it as I want to fully complete the game!! <3

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi Angie! Thank you for playing the game :)

to get ending 6: 

get away from me! - who are you? - is that the only thing - I'm not going to answer - Where am I? - No - I'm not hungry - no - insult - leave it there - be aggressive - be evasive - start a fire - have you seen yourself? - sleep - Stay

For the Gallery images:

1st row: 4th image (play as a man and kill the creature)

2nd row: Play as No one, pick the brave options like "go with him, eat the meat raw, enter the cave". Always be kind to the creature and tell the truth (important: remember to start the Fire).

       For the 1st image, don't kill the creature and after the choice, leave him; for         the 2nd kill him; for the 4th, stay with him

3rd row: 3rd image (pick:  Hi ---- I'm No one --- where am I? --- go with him --- eat --- don't say anything --- eat it raw --- be aggressive --- be evasive --- start a fire --- have you seen yourself? --- sleep --- Enter the cave --- Don't kill --- Yes --- Stay with him)


Absolutely wonderful experience, easily one of my new favourite visual novels. I loved how it played out as a conversation, it made the choices so much more meaningful and really made me feel like I really got to know the 'monster'. You've managed to create such a beautiful atmosphere with the art and music, and I love all the unique option names (and hitting V was a hilarious little option). I was a little surprised to see the game had 9 endings to find despite the short run time, but each of them fit really well into the story and I loved replaying the game to get all of them (got the true ending on the first try and it was so heartwarming). Overall I had a lot of fun with this game and I have no doubt I'll be returning to it again. 

P.S. I've gotten all of the endings but there's one picture I just cannot find. Third row down, second from the right. Any hints you can offer? 


Hi anmanarrative, thank you SO much for playing the game and for leaving your feedback, words like yours are always a huge motivation! 

For the picture you can't find, try picking these options:

Hi ---- I'm No one --- where am I? --- go with him --- eat --- don't say anything --- eat it raw --- be aggressive --- be evasive --- start a fire --- have you seen yourself? --- sleep --- Enter the cave --- Don't kill --- Yes --- Stay with him 

let me know if this is the right picture, and thanks again!


That's it, I've got all the pictures now. Thank you :D 


Really cool Visual Novel, honestly the only complaint I have is that it could use some more ambience noise/music. But yea other then that fun fun ride. 


<3 more games like this, and world will be better place


I found my comment/review and I updated the video link. But I found it was too far back so, if the game creators will let me, I'll repost my comment: This game was well done. I mean EXTREMELY well done. I love the atmosphere, it really took me in and I feel like it had accomplished as to what it was intended for. There were no boring sections of the game, no frame drops - thankfully - and the artwork was absolutely fantastic. I do plan on covering this a bit more through my playthroughs, so, go check out the first episode! Here's the video:

Thank you, LAF! 

You're welcome!


Chilling story and an honor to narrate. It makes me miss it all over again. Many thanks for the work and much love 

Hello! I am a university student from Turkey and I am studying English language for 3 years now. I had some minor experiences with translation and in the future I am planning to have a career in game localization. Your game is very interesting and I would love to translate it to Turkish for free! :) If you are interested please contact me.


twitter: asli_o_o


It was awesome. I really enjoyed this game.

I am a brazilian guy and that is the video from my channel.

(I translate some parts of the game :) 


OMG This game was so creepy! But I loved the true ending. Great job getting this amazing game done in two weeks! 🙌❤


This was such an awesome game! And I'm glad I got the true ending.... but now it's time to replay and make bad decisions xD

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