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Really nice work! Very atmospheric and visually enticing. I managed to get the true ending on my first try but will certainly play it again to see the others. It was sweet and spooky at the same time. I liked the last little meat line, ha. Overall very neatly made!


Thank you! :)


Hi there, I just wanted to say that I played your game and I also made a video of it, I hope that's okay.

I really enjoyed this game, I'm actually surprised by how much I enjoyed this game, as I'm not normally a fan of scary games. But this one was really atmospheric, and drew me into the story which I really liked. I really loved the art style, and how you made the kid so creepy. Also the ending was really beautiful, I don't to say too much in case I spoil anything. But yeah I really enjoyed this game and the overall experience, so thank you for making it.

I look forward to playing any other games you might create in the future.



Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it ;)

This game was well done. I mean EXTREMELY well done. I love the atmosphere, it really took me in and I feel like it had accomplished as to what it was intended for. There were no boring sections of the game, no frame drops - thankfully - and the artwork was absolutely fantastic. I do plan on covering this a bit more through my playthroughs, so, go check out the first episode! Here's the link.

You flatter me, Mr. Potter! XD (great username, ahah)

But seriously, thank you so much for the nice feedback and gameplay ;) I'll go watch it now

No problem! I guess I forgot to reply to this one. Lol.

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Hi! I didn't know how to reply on the question you left in the ratings, so I'll answer you here ^^

I tried to write you a pronunciation of my name but failed XD so here's a link to the trusty google translate,  by clicking the audio icon you can hear how it sounds: ;)

Ok, cool! Sounds like I have almost right. I just have to find the written version so I can put it in the description of my videos.



This was a fun ride, more well made than games like Bendy and The Ink Machine. Good eerie games are rare to come across lately, and you did a fantastic job with this. - Opacity


Wow, thank you! That's very nice of you to say :)


No problem! You are very talented!


This game teach you something good and what it teach you its dose well at it thank you for making this game it was soo good to play :D

Thank you so much for your gameplay! The "never eaten a banana before" killed me XD

While not without its flaws, this was an interesting story/game. Your use of audio definitely serves it well, giving the appropriate atmosphere for a spook game. The grotesque noises definitely give the feeling of "Ew, what is that thing?" I also like the choice sets, though it was easy to get the good ending just by being a decent person. Overall, this was fun. Good job.

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Hi thanks for the gameplay! Please, let me know what can be improved in your opinion, I'm always open to suggestions to make better games :)

And if you've got the time, could you also point out the grammar errors? I'm not a native, and apart from the "lounges" thing I don't know what else has to be corrected. Thank you.

You're welcome for the gameplay. Thanks for making the game/story.

I'll have to go through it again to find the mistakes, so I'll just send an e-mail when I can get around to that.

Ok :) thank you very much

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The preface (and the graphics till the end) is truly unique and gives compatible feelings of mystery and thrill o.O

Unravelling the story is such a tense experience and also heartbreaking moments to each endings (big salute for the implicit message of "don't make presumption without enough evidence") :') Keep up the great work (^_^)9

Thank you! What you wrote really means a lot :)


Dude! Dude! 
This visual novel was so atmospheric and I was very taken by what was happening. I'm definitely gonna play more so I can discover all the endings. I got the "true ending" and I feel like most people will on their first playthrough.  Which says a lot about this game and the story it's telling. A+, 10/10. I'm a big fan of this one.
Here's my playthrough!


Awesome gameplay! I really enjoyed watching it, and I'm  happy you liked the game ;)

Your game just captivated me. Our team would like to translate it into Russian. Please contact me: Facebook,

That's great! I'm sending you a mail ;)

Well, I hope you got my answer. Otherwise I will finally be disappointed in Gmail xD


I played this a while back, but I forgot to share my thoughts! I really enjoyed it. You really captured the suspense and anxious feelings of the darkness. I wrote about it more in my blog:

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! And I'm really flattered by your review, thank you so much :) 

is there cursing??

Sorry for the late reply! And no, there's no cursing ;)


Wow. That's all that really needs to be said about this game. I really enjoyed it, the story is well written (apart from a few grammar mistakes, but nothing that detracted me from enjoying it). The visuals are very well done and the accompanying music and sounds are great.

I went into the game pretty much blind and played as if I was the one actually in the situation (as I do most games). I'm very pleased with the outcome I got, the game took me by surprise a few times and I began to question what might be real and what might not be in the game. 

At the end of the day, it's an excellent visual novel with an interesting story. It presents you with an unknown environment and asks you to make some pretty difficult choices. It was a very good game, and I'm happy I got the chance to experience it.

Also, I hope you don't mind but I recorded a let's play of the game.

Cheers and best wishes to you!

Thank you, Famed, for your kind words and also for the gameplay: I'm always happy when someone makes a new one, so I'll definitely go watch it!

I'm really happy that you enjoyed the experience (the fact you "immersed" in the story is especially great,  because that's exactly what I hoped players would do) and I do apologize for those grammar mistakes: hopefully I'll fix them all in the next update ;)


Anytime, the game was interesting and well done. It pulled me in and managed to hold onto me until the end, which is always a good sign. No need to apologize for the grammar mistakes, with time constraints and all there's bound to be an error here and there. Any plans for more games in the future?     

I do, actually: I'm working reeeeally slowly on the next project, a new horror game with lots of choices and survival aspects completely unrelated to Black, and I've also got ideas for other non-horror stories for future games. But since I'm alone working on them and life got pretty busy I'm afraid it's going to take a while ^^' but not too long, I hope.

Excellent! Sounds good, I look forward to playing them. Horror has and always will be one of my favourite genres, so I'm curious to see what you've come up with. Well, I hope that you're able to find the time to work on them, you've got a real talent for game design.

Thank you, I hope you will like them ;)


This game was pretty creepy and turned into an awesome story thanks for making this keep up the good work

Thanks to YOU for playing my game and for making a gameplay :)


Hey, I played your game, it was really cool and I made a video of it :) 

Thank you for your gameplay ;)


I have found almost all endings including the "??" ending but  I can't find the ninth ending. is that the "??" ending or...?

Great game by the way! I've uploaded playthroughs on youtube =3

Thank you, that's great!  Yes, the ninth ending is the ?? one, so congrats for finding them all!

I'll gladly go search for them on YouTube, then ;)


Thanks for the reply, I really hope you make more games like this since it was so interesting! Now I will go let my subs know I got all endings XD


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I recorded and uploaded a playthrough of this game, and I have to say: I did not expect to become so enthralled! I found myself questioning everything, and it paid off in the end! I can't wait to record another one and see what new ending I get. Thank you for making this game! And I hope we see more from you! :)

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Thank you for your Rock!  Quite literally ;D (ok, bad pun)

For real, though: I enjoyed  watching you play my game and seeing you having fun with it :) I think you have a great narrating voice and your inquisitive approach made the viewing experience really entertaining and engaging...I can only say keep up the great work! 

That unpronounceable name probably already gave it away (read "skiva frecce" with the "cc" read like the "ch" in "church"=arrow dodger) but I'm no native. So, if at the end you were serious about it, I think I'll really take you up on your offer: I'm DEFINITELY in need of a shiny spell checker in armor. Plus, I'd be forever in your debt AND grateful for the assistance. 

So let me know if I can contact you for it, and maybe for future games, too (but ONLY if you want to and if/when you have time) 

Hi there! Sorry about the late reply. I have been actively working on relocating down to TX from MA in a month. I would LOVE to help you with this! I might just need a little time to get settled in my new home. If you'd like, you can email me directly at and we can get the ball rolling on this! :)

No problem! Moving is really time consuming, I can understand the situation very well. So thank you even more for offering your help :) 

Based on what you and other YouTubers said in your gameplays I already tried to modify some of the main sentences, but if you still want to check for other mistakes I'm sending you an email with the dialogues. I'm in no hurry so feel free to send it back  whenever you like ;)

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Woah. This game was awesome!

To be honest I wasn't expecting much from it but I downloaded anyway. So moving on, two days later I play it and wow

The graphics were really darn good, the occasional sound effects too! And, of course, the story itself was really great. It did make me question a bit of why did we get amnesia, why did we go on a ship, were there any 'remains' of the others? I was really satisfied with the amount of endings and pictures it had and I thought the 'Come closer' was really clever. The atmosphere seemed perfect for what it was. I was disappointed at how short the game was, I wish it was longer.


On another note, the true ending was soooo cute!! When I went to get the other endings it was really sad to act mean to him and then eventually kill him D:  After all he is just a kid that is scared in such a dark place. It really makes you feel sad for him, especially is you kill him first and then discover the true ending,  which thankfully didn't happen to me!

I expect many more great games from you! This was really enjoyable so thank you for making such a great game! =)

Thank you so much for leaving your impressions on the game! It's great to know you enjoyed it :)

And you're right,  it's a short game - mainly because I had a time limit to complete it and I had to rush through it (it was originally made for the Nanoreno17 game jam, I entered late so I had only two weeks left to complete it) and also because I wanted the players to "fill in the blanks", so I feared expanding more on the story would ruin the feel of it all. But if I change my mind and come up with an interesting story I think I could make a sequel, in the future...who knows 

I also wanted to thank you for the follow ;)

Thank you for replying to me! Also that is really impressive since you had a time limit for it and you entered late but you ended up with something very good. And woah, a sequel would be awesome! 

No problem! You really do deserve more recognition and follows :)

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Thank you for your gameplay! I'm glad you liked the game :)

Hey there, leaving a comment to let you know your game was awesome :) I really love it when people do something more unique than the usual visual novel formula and you certainly delivered. Loved the black and white sketch-style art, and the unique story. Kudos!

Thank you for your feedback and kind words, I'm glad you liked it :)


Oh gosh... I'm not sure how to start--? I loved this game. Actually, made this account just to gush over how good it was. I mean, I barely go looking for VNs in Lemma or itch, and just downloaded this because, why not? And boy, I do not regretti. This was so fresh and so enjoyable that I wish there were more stories like this. 


Ending #5's black-changes-to-white moment and the characters almost made me tear up. And all the details that eventually let you figure out - or get the gist of it all - was really nice. There should be more parent-child bonds like this, too. There Should Be. 


 Also the way you handled composition and contrast and effects was p cool. The art fit the atmosphere and enchanced it.  Aaah I really wish I could play more of your content.

 Do you have other pages, websites..? I'd love to read more of your stuff. Your stuff is gold. I'm glad itch has a 'follow' option because I'll be looking forwards to whatever you upload. If I have one regret it's that I'm dirt poor and can't support my fave artists.

Anyway, you're awesome and inspiring and holy-damn this was good. So GOOD.

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Hi, serabourg. 

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to leave a feedback, because it helps me a lot and normally even the smallest one brightens my day...but I don't think I was prepared for your comment...seriously! You have no idea how happy it made me,  and how your words motivate me into creating more and more games incredible people like you might enjoy.

As for other websites, for now I don't have any, but I'm planning on creating a tumblr or twitter to post updates/sketches of my future projects - I already have some decent concepts, but sadly right now my life got really busy and I don't have time to work on them **sigh** BUT! When I get back on track, I'll make sure to let you know ;)

No problem about the "Dirt poor" thing, by the way - I can relate :) **jumps on the broke train**       


I loved the graphics and the story was intersting..would you make a part 2 of the game? tnx 


Hi! Thanks for your feedback and gameplay!

This project was originally conceived as a stand-alone story, with an open ending that gave players freedom to imagine the aftermath they liked best, so right now I'm not sure about a sequel: if it's not done right I could spoil the original feel of the game. BUT if in the future I get inspired with an interesting concept/follow up story and people would like to play it...why not ;)


This is beautiful. I left a rating but also wanted to comment so that I could leave my appreciation. I got the 'true ending' on the first playthrough and I love it so much that I can't stand the thought of changing my choices to get other endings. :D There's something very wistful and melancholy about the story that I very much appreciate. Awesome job! ^_^ 

Thank you for your kind words and also for rating the game, I'm really glad you liked it :)


i made an account just to comment on this game because it is absolutely SPECTACULAR!

what with the warnings in the beginning, i expected a game that would try to gross me out like porpentine's cyberqueen--but there was so much more to it.

i was on the edge of my seat with the sounds and art style, but after my first run my fear quickly turned into determination to see all of the endings.  boy, i do not regret it taking that extra time one bit.  (this is probably the first game that i've gotten all of the endings on without a walkthrough, which is what makes it so special to me)

very excellent game, very spooky but has a lot of heart.

Thank you so much for leaving such a nice feedback :) creating an account just to comment on my game...for others it may seem trivial, but for me it's an honor. You're the best!

I'm happy you had such a great experience with it and, since you got all the endings, I really hope the story as a whole answered all questions and hopefully felt satisfying (just curious, did you survive or die on your first run?)

Oh, and by the way **SPOILERS??**

...I guess the warning is a bit of a troll - in hindsight maybe it was too much, but in a way it helps to set the mood right from the start, I guess...ah ah ^^


Hey man played your game and loved it

really original and the story is very good, also i really loved the art style

My gameplay :

Thank you! Nice gameplay ;)

np it was very cool to play .

Ill keep an eye on your future creations that is for sure

I've discovered this game by chance as recommended it to me, and I've downloaded on a whim, and I must say I don't regret anything! I've played a couple of times and did endings ??, 7 and 5 so far (in that order). And oh my, that Ending 5! It made me sooo happy! I love that kind of happy endings, and I'm glad it's considered the "true ending"! I may try other endings later, but for now I'm happy wth this one.

I really like how the game manages to be unsettling with only a few art assets and sound effects, and have a very unique style. I really love the overall artistic direction, and I like the fact you can get so many different endings - it's really nice for such a short little game.

Thank you very much for the great experience!

Thank YOU for your feedback and your nice words! I'm really happy that you liked and enjoyed my game, story and all :) and this is totally optional so you don't have to answer, but can I ask you if the writing was ok or if some sentences seemed off or strange, maybe? Since I'm not a native english speaker and nobody else wrote me about it, I was just wondering...thanks ;)

I'm not a native english speaker either, and I know I'm not perfect grammar-wise haha. So while I didn't notice anything weird, I make a lot of mistakes myself and I don't always notice mistakes other made.

No problem, thank you for answering :)

Oh, and your english is very good, by the way.

(1 edit)

I've replayed a bit more to do more endings, and I think I've spotted two mistakes in wording/spelling (though you may want to check it with a native english speaker). First one is when the main character tells the kid they don't have to be ennemies and all that stuff. It says "we can help each others", but I'm pretty sure it should be "each other". The other one is in the Ending 5, when the MC says the kid found them. It says "And now I know that I was lucky that he did" - I don't think it's a mistake per se, but the first "them" isn't necessary - "And now I know I was lucky that he did" seems more natural.

Other than than that, I actually have a question so...

SPOILERS (I guess?)

I did some more endings, and I got a variation to the true ending where the MC isn't human or human-like. After that, I've checked the walkthrough out of curiosity about that, and it says "Most of the pictures are variation of the same ones, based on who(or what) you are and what the creature is" - I get it that the MC can be man or woman and human(-like) or not, but can the kid's appearance vary depending on your choices? It looks like it from what it says in the walkthrough, but I didn't get to see it in the game and I'm curious.

(4 edits)

Thank you for your help, I'll fix those errors in the next update (eh, I'm always overusing "that" 😅)


Exactly. The kid's nature also varies depending on your choices, specifically based on the way you treat him (if you are mean to him, he is a human "disguised" as a monster; otherwise, he is a real monster)

The Mc on the other hand is human if you choose to cook the meat and pick the less "bold" choices, or an alien monster if you eat the meat raw and act as if you're not afraid.

So, if you play as a monster, in ending 5 your hand is definitely less human and in ending 1 (or 2) you get a glimpse of your monstrous body :)


First of all, the sounds are absolutely troubling, but it sets the mood up really well. So far I've gotten every ending but 2 and 9 (I've been playing for about an hour trying to get those two). The 5th ending is very heart-warming and is my favorite ending along with the ?? ending. Please continue the hard work!

Oh, yea, I didn't see any errors along the way :)

Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm really grateful you took the time for it...what you wrote really helps :)

Ending 9 is actually ending ?? - I know, I should've probably clarified it better...

As for ending 2, if you're still stuck, I made a walkthrough (you'll find it here in the download section) and if what I wrote there is too vague, please let me know and I'll gladly help you.

(just curious: did you also unlock all the images in the gallery? And thanks again: I'll try my best ;) )

Ooooh ok, that makes sense. As for the gallery I've only gotten a few, but I'll come back to find what I've missed.

Who are you...?

Thank you for your gameplay! :)

This game took me by surprise! A lot of choices, and lovely dialog!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you, and thank you for your gameplay! I nearly died every time the "Pecan the great etc." popped out, escpecially during the ending X°°°°D

I'm sorry for the easily skippable text...if it happens again, just use the scroll wheel of your mouse or the "Rollback" button (on the bottom of the screen) to go back.

Anyway, I'm really happy you liked my game: if you're interested in playing more endings, story-wise I'd recommend ending 1 and 3 to complete your "journey" - there's a walkthrough in the download section, just in case you might need it.

Oh, and one more, totally optional thing: I noticed that almost anyone here got only one..."version" of the story. Sure, the paths to reach the endings are always the same, but if you want to have fun and try a different "twist" (maybe for ending 1 or ending 9 since you already got ending 5), try picking these choices: "...Hi" - "No one" - "Where am I" - "Go with him" - "Eat the meat raw - "Thanks, I guess" - "Enter the cave"

Thanks for the reply! I really did love this game, the story was so surprising with the different options and I can't wait to get the other endings! Great work on this!

I got the chance to play this game and it was great! Although I didnt have much luck with the endings (which was my fault definitely) XD But I really did appreciate how different everyones gameplay can be.

If you wanna check out my video its down below.

Hi, thank you so much for your gameplay! I watched it, and I'm really glad you enjoyed my game :D

If you want to get a better/more satisfying ending, or you're just curious about those "creatures", ending 5 explains things a bit more (the walkthrough in the download section might help) ^_^

THAT ENDING :') thanks for the game ^_^ hope you like my video :)


Thank you for your gameplay! I'm glad you liked that ending XD

who are you?

(1 edit)

Thank you for playing my game! :) (ps: ending 3 and 5 were a bit more "unexpected", if you want to check them out)

you are very are the only maker to reply to me yet :) least that means you care great job dude

Creepy game.

Thank you for playing the game :) I hope you liked it

Are there any jumpscares in this? I'm playing this in the same room that my mom is in, so I don't want to suddenly start screaming.

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Thanks for playing my game :) I know it's late for a reply but **SPOILERS** no real jumpscares, unless who plays is someone very, very easily scared.

Gave it a go...

Thank you so much for playing the game! :)

Hello! I wonder - how to contact you by email? :)

Feel free to write here, if you want :) but if you'd prefer:

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hi and big thx for this really great adventure. great artwork and this creepy story...ilove it. i played 2 of the nine endings and it is so scary. greetings from germany

Danke schön to YOU for playing my game (and also for following me)! I'm really, really happy you liked it :) (the fact that I don't know any German won't stop me from watching your gameplay ;) )

I'm sorry, apparently I coded the fireplace wrong ^^" it wasn't supposed to lit iself if you didn't start it before... oh well, at least you survived, guess it's positive XD

Watch the gameplay here!!

This is an awesome new indie horror game with an oh so gripping story.

Thank you for making a gameplay! :) Also, I'm sorry the game crashed. I guess it's due to the high resolution (1920x1080) that can be though for certain computers; If not, let me know and I'll look into the problem.

For people who would rather watch gameplay:

This game is very interesting so far. I have only unlocked 4 out of the 9 endings so far, and I can say it's well worth the time if you are into story-driven games. This game's likability lies in its simplicity. Also, I commend you for giving literally everyone credit in the game for every little thing. Most indie games don't do that, or at least I can't find it without looking in the game files. Anyways, I could see this being on steam for maybe a dollar or two, or even on for a small price. Thanks for making it free though.

(1 edit)

I can die happy, now. Thank you! Thank you, so so much! I wasn't sure about what the reception of my game would be, because this was my first one and I'm a total newbie...(btw, seeing a gameplay felt almost surreal!) but you said so many positive things...thank you, really.

About the other endings: some things are different, but I made this game in a short time, so I didn't really expand the storyline much further. I hope, though, that you will like them anyway.

If you struggle to get them, let me know and I'll write a walkthrough of some sort.

(Ps - sorry for the in game typos - and also, I subscribed ;) )

Also, to skip already seen text, hold Ctrl on your keyboard :)

I will admit, i tried recording for the other endings but struggled. Alot of the different text and paths, give me some of the same endings. Ill let you know tomorrow if I need help. Thank you for the tip btw!

I would like to know what the game is about more, before i make a video on it, so please, i need more info.

Hi, thank you for your interest in my game! This is a short visual novel game: it has multiple storylines and more than one ending (9). Basically, it's a choice game with mostly static images: at the beginning, you find yourself in a cave, with a strange creature that doesn't want to let you go. Based on your responses to him, you'll determine your and the creature's fate - and if you die or not in the cave. I hope this helps :)

Also, playing all the endings helps you understand what's really going on.

(1 edit)

Played It. Awesome is all i can say. The sound effects in the start could use some work though. First impression is the best one. There are of course typos in the game but when you want to finish it in two weeks, i know the pressure! That is all I could suggest. Other things are perfect. Story is amazing too! Enjoyed it very much!

Thank you for your suggestions :) soon I'll release a new version and fix those ugly typos. English is not my native language and I was a bit rusty ^^"

No problem, the game was awesome though!

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