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wow!! okay so ive only played through this once so far (got ending 5/8 yes im very happy) but wow. this is really good!! i love the graphics, the characters and im..enjoying (?) the atmosphere.

Good game liked it.

This was actually pretty good! I never see these types of games as often where you have multiple choices to choose from in order to affect the outcome of the game. I got different endings so far. I got the true endings, both where the kid remains as a monster and where he was discovered as being another human disguised as a monster. I also got the more darker one where you kill him... >:D That ending literally calls you a monster. Note: I didn't intentionally want to kill him, I wanted to find out as many endings as possible. 

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Wow, this game and the story was pretty interesting. I hope there will be a part two!


I'm planning on playing through all the endings but I just!!! I just got one of the endings and I'm so!!! I wanna cry from how good and cute it was my heART! I love Kid with all I am and :(((((( I would like to give Kid many hugs, it's what Kid deserves. Anyway, I got ending 5/8 and I'm excited to get the others, thank you so much for taking this game!!!


I enjoyed the experience very much. Thank you


I just played the game. I was expecting it to be bad through and through. (Not bad quality, I mean, a bad scenario/plot line) but then I got the fifth ending after getting like three others and my heart- I never ever expected such a dark tale about surviving a creature to turn into something so-- heartwarming. Just like the kid, on the outside it seems scary and dark but once you search and give it a change, it really wasn't what you expected.

Thank you so much for this experience! Please make so many more games!!


happened to get the true ending on the first try. this is a really lovely game, especially for something you made in two weeks. the music and sounds are unsettling, the story is soft yet jagged and stabs you in each limb. one of my favorite games i've played in a while. thank you for this.





I love it so far! I've just played through once and I got the fifth ending. Almost makes me not want to try some of the other options... It's just so sweet. I'll power through, but tears may be involved.


Pew pew!

Great and compelling story with such intriguing mystery and

. Loved every minute of it!

hi u are so funny

can u play mine it s puzzle game

Hi joseph glad you enjoyed the vid! And yes i'd be happy to plays yours I do have a couple of vids to do first but I should have yours up by this upcoming Wednesday and I will send you the vid to see if you like it thanks in advance for the game much appreciated!

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thx i m waitng ur video

and ur chacteur in ur video is fuunny i want make ur video on page game

Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed and hopefully I can do your game justice too :)


Oh my, I've been trying to get all the routes and unlock all the photos in the gallery but I've only managed to complete the first 5 endings as well as one tagged '??'. The more I play BLACK, the more questions I have... In other words, I'm hooked! And have already filled 8 pages of save-slots, hehe

So I'll admit that I was freaking scared within the first few minutes. The atmosphere and stuff--- Really effective! Especially since I died in less that 5 minutes during my first 2 attempts. But I put my cowardice away and decided to really tackle this quest for a happy ending! Turns out, I'm actually loving it and can't be satiated until I manage to get all the endings and images! Right now, I lack the 6th and 7th endings, as well as the 1st, 4th, 6th, 8th and 11th photos. But I'll keep trying, in hopes of learning more about the plot!!!!

Thanks for creating such a fun game! I really enjoyed it! There's just one choice in the french version that's in English. The part where the MC insists to not eat and the creature asks why. Hope that's not a spoiler; just wanted to point it out in case... Otherwise, great job to you and the translators and whoever helped in the making!!! I hope more people get to enjoy this fun game!

Good game! :)

This game was pretty awesome and funny. It mostly reminded me of Doki Doki Literature Club but only because that game made a big impact on me and it was made ALSO with Ren'Py. I am not sure if I will play this game again but I am glad I gave it a try!

Aw. I got true ending, and that was really cute

Hi, could you share the game's file in ren'py? I mean the files that you were coding and making the game etc...

I just want to know how you did some parts of the game.


Hi salehodinie,

since I'm not an expert at coding (this was my first game, and I'm still learning) I wouldn't recommend using my game as a reference, but what I can recommend is browsing the lemmasoft forums and in particular the cookbook (I took a lot of the coding from there):

Hope this helps :)

Thank you very much.

BTW, I finished your game and I really enjoyed it!!

I finished  5 endings I think.

one more thing, I haven't even make a single game in ren'py (because I don't even have an artist to draw characters, so I am learning illustrator and  photoshop) and I wanted to know if you can do this:

let's say we have character (a) and (b)

when (1) says anything, voice acting starts and also music starts 

when (2) says anything after (1) finishes, his voice acting starts and the previous music continues,

is that possible? sorry for my bad English.

I am from Yemen (Arabic Country), I live in Saudi Arabia, that means I can translate your game to Arabic if you want.

Thank you!

and yes, it's possible. In the game option.rpy write:  define config.has_voice = True

then in the game script you can code like this:

label start:

    stop music fadeout 0.9

    play music "music/music1.mp3"  ###if you put the audio file in a different folder inside the game folder, write the path, like -> "music_folder_name/music1.mp3"

    voice "voice1.mp3" ###same as above, if you have a different folder write the path -> "voice_folder_name/voice1.mp3"
    m "Hello!"
    p "(. . .)"
    voice "voice2.mp3"
    p "Who are you?"

   stop music fadeout 1


also, if you download this other game you will have a wonderful example on how to do it: the scripts are uncrypted, so you can learn a lot on the process by examine the game files (and the game itself is very, very good! One of my favorites)

If you don't have an artist, you can ask to collaborate with someone by writing here for a free project:

or if you want to do everything for yourself, you could always use pre-made, cc free assets (this link is just an example, but if you search "free assets renpy" you'll find a lot more):

Again, I encourage you to read the cookbook because it's a life changer (XD) and also the people on the forum are very helpful and nice, they always answer all of your doubts on coding and stuff.

I appreciate the offer for a translation, it's always so awesome to have my game in other languages :D but right now I am abroad and I don't have the project on my pc, so I can't generate a translation script for you. If you want you can leave me your email so that I can contact you when I come back, or email me at

I thank you again for playing my game, and I will gladly play yours when it's done! Don't give up! 

Have a wonderful day (and btw, your english is perfect )

Thanks for the information bro, my Email is :

I will try to learn and I will let you know when I finish making my game.

I have another question if you don't mind, let's say I have made a game with 2000 words.....and I want to test the last sentence in the game (I want to see it's colour) is there a way to start the game at the last sentence?? I don't want to go over everything again and again.


Thankyou for the emotional journey!


And thank you for your gameplay! :D


This was a really interesting game I loved it, The fact that you made it in 2 weeks more or less surprised me. It's an amazing game with amazing visuals and the english was great. Hopefully I'll get to see you make more amazing games

This really motivates me, thank you so much!!!

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 IHello!! Ive just download the game few hours ago and i ve already unlocked all endings (My first ever try was ending 5 true endinh). I left 3 pictures now in Gallery but ive been trying for at least an hour now. Top left pic. Top right pic and the pic below top right pic. Can u help with it? I Love this game so much. I like hard to conplete mutiple ending story type games. I love this craft mknster human concept by the choices. Soooo cool. 

Hi Sioray, thank you for playing my game and for writing such a wonderful feedback! :D

To answer your question...

(For everyone else, beware! SPOILERS)

1)To obtain the TOP LEFT picture, just play the game as a Woman and then don't kill the creature but just LEAVE the cave (you can pick whatever choices and the outcome won't be affected);

2)For the TOP RIGHT pick these choices:  ---- I'm a man ---- am I dead? ----go with him ----eat----thank----cook----are you alright?----creature?----say something----everything ok----be kind----tell truth----have you seen yourself----sleep----stay here----kill him

3)For the one below the tob right, choose: ---- hi---- I'm no one---- where..---- go with him---- eat---- thank---- eat raw---- be kind---- tell truth---- start fire---- thanks---- sleep---- enter cave---- don't---- yes---- stay

Hope this helps ;) and if you're still stuck don't hesitate to tell me

Have a great day!

tHANKYOU. I tried again today befofe seeing ur comment and still couldnt get it haha. Thanks. oh MOMMY. Wow. I did not think that i missed a mommy ending haha. For the top right? Whats thw difference between it and second pic from top left? Isit top right pic is Creature is monster I am Human. While Top left 2nd pic is Kid is human and i anm human too? Okay i understand the last one. Both are monsters


This is one of the most interesting little games I've played in a long time. The art really sets this piece apart from anything else I've seen so far. XD


Great game! I somehow managed to get a good ending, even though I was sure multiple times I was going to be killed.

Thank you for your gameplay! :)


Hey there! I really liked the game, nice story and great atmosphere that you managed to give the game! keep up the good work! 

Have you considered participating in our ?  The competition is totally free and with winning prizes ! Our mission is to support and reward the Indie game developer community.


Please stop spamming your website everywhere

Hi GDWC, thank you for the interest in my game!

BLACK was made in 2017, so it can't compete, but if I'll release another game in the future I might consider participating ;)


Ho that's too bad! yeah sure ;)


Watch my part 1

I'm having such a hard time getting those last three pictures (sencored for anyone who didn't play the game). Any help? I did check the walkthrough and I still can't get it

Try this:

1)...hi - I'm no one - where am I - go with him - eat - thank him - eat raw - be kind - tell truth - start a fire - thanks - sleep -enter cave - kill him

2) (follow step 1 and then:) - yes - flee

3)get away from me - i'm a man - am i dead - no - i'm not hungry - no! - insult - cook it - eat - don't say anything - thing - are you dead? - you din't choke - be aggressive - tell truth - have you seen - sleep - stay - don't kill - yes - stay with him

Hope this helps! And thank you so much for playing the game ;D

This game is great, dude. There are a few grammatical errors, but it's not too bad. I'm making a video of this game on my channel.

Thank you! I know, I'm sorry about the errors ^^' if you can, let me know what needs to be corrected and I will fix it in the next update ;D

Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I admit I was scared of the kid a bit at first but thankfully I trusted him enough for the True ending. I got it after I got the 4th ending after I ran from him because I needed to see if running away would kill me. Spoiler, it did.

Thank you! So glad you liked the game ;)

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  Trailer en Español :) 

[And don´t worry Schivafrecce, I already put your Twitter and Website on the description :D]

Hi, I will play your game soon, but I have a question for you: are you Italian? Because by your nick name I can assume you are! 🇮🇹 

Hi Pulcinator! I hope you'll like the game!

And yes, I'm Italian ;)


Sono italiana anche io! ;; giocherò presto al tuo gioco, mi interessa molto. 

Hi, I loved your game, I wanted to know if I could translate it into Brazilian Portuguese and spread it to Brazilian youtubers, would you allow me to?

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Hi Mr. Mendeskl, I'm so  happy you liked the game!

Since the game is free I can only accept free contributions so if that's ok with you contact me at and I'll send you the script :)


Eh! How are you? Hehe¬

 I want to ask if you are searching one person that can translate the game to spanish, If you do please contact me at Twitter @Mokou_17.

 (And I loved the game, make more pls xD)

Hi Mokou17! I'm happy you liked the game ^^

Thank you for offering a translation, I'll contact you on twitter :)

It's quite a nice game! The story is very attractive, and I felt as if I was reading a novel with pictures.

I wonder if I can help translate this game into Chinese (to see what I've missed in game *laugh*). If you need this, please contact me at It'd be better if you can tell me the patterns that the translation should follow to be applied in the game :)

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Thank you! It's nice to hear that you enjoyed the story and yes, it'd be awesome to have the game translated in Chinese (plus, your motivation is a noble one XD)

I'll send you an email with the details ;)


I loved this game, so intriguing 😊 Here is my gameplay 😍 

Thank you so much!

Permission to Upload your game as youtube video/twitch.

Hi could say if we are allowed to make youtube videos of your game and upload it on youtube?

If possible can you send an email at so that I know for sure^^.

Best regards

A Gamer

Of course you can! Just remember to  put a link to credit me ^^

Happy Holidays!

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I am a French student in a Master's Degree in Multimedia Traslation. As part of the formation, we have classes of game localization, and in order to be graded, we need to find a game and translate it into French, and I must admit that yours caught my eye and I really enjoyed playing it! I am very interested in translating it.

As it is part of the master's program, I can do it for free, but just a little recognition by maybe putting my name :). I am ready to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement if needed.

Do not hesitate to contact me at

Best wishes,


Hi Coline! I sent you an email ;) thanks again


YO, played your game and gotta say i was a tad surprised by the whole story.

Even thought i walked in with low expectation i really enjoyed the story and how you get to know it better through different endings

here´s the first part of two i made for my channel

Thank you for your gameplay! I'm glad you enjoyed the story ;)


I got the ??? out of 9 ending, is that actually 9? Please help!! Loved the game btw.!!

Yes ;) and thank you! ^^


Oh look i did a thing. Great game by the way

Thanks for the gameplay! ;)

No problem, here's the second part!



this game is so amazing! i am so close to getting all the endings, keep up the great work!

This is a really good game.

We enjoyed it very much. We loved the dark ambient and the art style.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work !!!

Thank you! :)

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