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This is a suprisingly well made and atmospheric for the visual novel genre. Nice work man, can't wait to see what you'll do in the future! 


true ending first try!

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This is a good game a lot of replayability a very dark creepy feel thanks I had fun playing this


Really enjoyed this Indie Horror Visual Novel! Love that there are multiple ending. And i had allot of fun voice acting in it!


WHAT HAVE I DONE?.... | Black | Part 1

so far on what i have played, i really really like this! hoping to get all the endings on this so i am looking forward to it :D good job on creating this!


Thank you so much for your gameplay! ^^ I'm glad you're liking the game, I hope the other endings won't disappoint you ;)


I recorded this game and really wanted to upload my video, but for some stupid reason my video editor showed the recorded footage all being green, even though I can watch the video file itself and it won't be green, I don't know what's up with that, so sorry I can't show you, but I did enjoy the game and get creeped out a few times.

I'm sorry  to hear that, are you using Sony Vegas by chance? I had the same problem once, and I fixed it following a guide on youtube, maybe it could any case, thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you liked the game ^^

Actually, I'm using Vegas Movie Studio 13 Platinum. I saw a video on how to fix this problem, but they had a folder that I don't have, and therefore, cannot open. So there's nothing I can do about it.

Hey, this happened to me too in the past, here is a video to resolve the issue :)


These are the exact same instructions I saw in another video before, thus remaining unhelpful, due to a folder not existing in in the "Sony" folder.

Okay, I figured out the problem, I was supposed to open it from in my Steam folders, because I have the software on Steam.


oooh haha! as long as your sorted :)


Very cool game, would like to see a 2nd part, get some answers answered :-)

Great job on this game, would recommend it :-)

I don't know about "improve", but if you want music or sound fx I'd be glad to help :)

Hi giulkau,  

I don't think this game requires more music or fxs, but if you have a website where I can listen to  samples feel free to leave the link.  As long as your prices aren't too high I may consider using them for future projects ;)

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Hi, at the moment I'm not home so I can only give you some links of projects I've worked on (not all but let's keep it short)

here's a link to my soundcloud page; it has a variety of pieces that I uploaded, so you can have an idea

For the prices I usually work them out project by project. With the last one I've worked on we agreed on 35 euros per minute of music made (it can change though)

The only thing I can say for feedbacks is everyone was satisfied of the final product in the end :)


I really enjoyed this game

Thank you for your gameplay, I'm happy you liked the game :)

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Wow, I'm still amazed.  That game was phenomenal! Though I'm so confused, especially about "Rudy" (hope that's not too spoiler-y). Like, whaaat? And "his" two different arms in one ending. It's all so mysterious. Do you plan on clearing anything up? And no matter what I do, I don't know how to get the gallery picture that's the third one diagonally down to the right.

But yeah. I was actually kind of scared at some points. Some endings for so mind-fucky, but the true one was just heartwarming. :)

Hi! Thank you so much for playing the game, I'm so happy you liked it (even though it was confusing XD) 

To shed a little light, here are some--spoilers!


Ok, about the Rudy matter and the double "nature" of the creature: I wanted the player to craft the story and the characters, so based on your behaviour towards the unknown creature (you can either be kind or a jerk to him, but also be "brave" or "scared") the game decides if YOU are the human or the monster of the story. Basically there are 4 combinations:

1)You are the human, the "kid" is a monster

2)You are the monster, the kid is human

3)You are both humans

4)You are both monsters

For the gallery image: I'm not sure if I understood the picture you are talking about, but I think it might be either the one for ending 3 (walkthrough, in the download section) or this one, try to pick:

Hi -- I' one -- where am I? -- go with him -- eat -- don't say anything -- eat it raw -- be aggressive -- be evasive -- start a fire -- have you seen yourself -- sleep -- i need to find him -- don't --  yes -- stay with him

Let me know if this is it, if not I'm at your disposal 👍 and thank you again for leaving your feedback, I really appreciated it :)


Yes! This poster! Thank you for playing, it reveals the essence of our society, which usually builds portraits of people only in appearance, rumors and first impressions. Superbly.


First try, true ending. It was very scary, very tense... but I really tried to act like an adult and while I was careful I was willing to listen and trust. Really glad it paid off. Thank you, this game is wonderfully crafted.


Just made a video of me playing your game, and I gotta say I really enjoyed. Both me and my friend I did a video with really liked it. Hope to see more games from you in the future. :) 


Well, that was a very interesting experience.. made me feel anxious just as planned ;)

Btw, got true endind on the first try, f*ck yeah :D

Really glad to hear that! ;D Thank you


This was a really interesting visual novel. This a perfect medium for short stories.


Thank you! :)


Must Admit, When i started i was like..... what is this?, But must say after finishing it. i thoroughly enjoyed it thank you for the experience! if you make something new let me know i'd be happy to try it :D 

Thank you! ^^


This game was really great, I got the true ending on the first try and I'm really glad I did! This story can actually be really sweet. Thank you!


Thank YOU for your kind words ^^


For being your first release, this game is really really good! I enjoyed creating a Let's Play with it, especially after I uncovered the true ending. I'm curious of how many '??' endings are there? I only got one. I didn't get every ending. I think I made it to 4/9 + ??x lol but that's because the fourth ending was the true ending, and I loved how it concluded for my video. I have to say, what a turn around. From dark and spooky to kind of cute and adorable, in a gritty way haha. I wonder if other endings have a major significance or impact on the story? I might just have to continue playing off cam! Great work!

Hi! Thank you for your gameplay and for your feedback on the game  ;)

The other story-related endings are 1 and 3 (they expand only a little, though) - also,  the ?? ending is the only one ^^ 


I really loved this game. It was kind of scary at first, but oh man the true ending, I really loved it and got it my second time around after being stabbed in the back lol. Amazing job!

Thank you :)


I accidentally got the "best" ending (imo, AKA home) first and so FELT TERRIBLE FOR ALL THE OTHERS. HOW DARE YOU. But it was so moving and the sounds and atmosphere? Killed me. Amazing. 11/10.



(also, thank you very much <3 )


I loved this game, but to me it was almost more of an experience then just a game. It drew me in and made me feel so many emotions, both fear and happiness, to the point where I never wanted to stop playing. The use of art and music and dialogue and the way it was all blended together made for an amazing  outcome that I am going to recommend to as many people as I can. 

Oh gosh....I LOVED your gameplay :') you made me laugh so much with your commentary and the way you kept disagreeing  with the MC's words (btw, I'm sorry for the traumatic beginning and the nearly heart attack at  8:49 X°D) and I'm particularly flattered/honored by the feedback your wrote...thank you çwç.

Since you seemed to have some rightful doubts about one moment of the story (that part IS confusing and probably not explained well), I wanted to answer them below:


When the MC accuses the kid of attacking him, he is referring to the whole bonfire incident. He thinks the kid extinguished the fire to take him by surprise and kill him (but probably failed). Then later, in the tunnel, he even sees him with a bloody face smiling creepily....but was this really true?

 If you noticed, when the fire goes out, little "flakes" start to fall from above...WHITE flakes. Also, the kid couldn't have been in the tunnel, because  he was asleep in his cave.

So, this is what happened: the real bad guys of the story, aka the "other creatures" ("them"), are attracted to the light (=white). Therefore, when you started the fire, you basically created a beacon...and since you were not colored in black yet, you got influenced and saw what "them" wanted you to see. 

Hopefully, this may clear things a little...if not, just ask anything and I'll gladly answer ^^ 

That cleared it up. I kinda suspected it was the bloody face thing when I was editing the video. But I didn't even think about the thing with no fire and the white flakes. It all makes a lot more sense now. Thank you!

Also, you don't have to apologize for almost giving me a heart attack. That was one of my favorite parts, and the fact that the game was able to make me freak out like that just speaks to how amazing it is and how immersed I was in it. 

I'm glad you were able to enjoy my gameplay. My channel isn't very popular so I wasnt able to get the game much added popularity, unfortunately. But at least I was able to bring some enjoyment to you, consider it payment for bringing enjoyment to me (also cause i'm extremely broke).

You're welcome ^^

If it's ok with you, I decided to use your video as the official gameplay for the game - I'm not that popular, but I hope it will help you get more deserve them ;)


Wow, you didn't have to do that. Thank you very much. I'm so honored, you have no idea. I'm not even really sure what to say.


I loved this game a lot, from the UI to the soundtrack it was all woven together to immerse. I also love my new weird son and can't wait to see what you come up with next!!

Thank you so much ^^


A great and eerie game, loved the first playthrough, will have to see the other endings! 

Thank you! So glad you like it ;)

The art style, the ambience,  the story, and the choices, everything about this was so good! Good job! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Thank you! Nice gameplay ;D


(Sadly there's no option to pm you here on about the question you left in the ratings, so I'm going to do it here, hoping you'll see it **crossing fingers**)

Thank you! I'm really happy you liked my game! And yes, sadly it's short - it was originally for a game jam, and I decided to join last minute to see if after playing so many VN I could make one myself ^^

I hope you'll like my future games as well (unfortunately it may take some time before a new release, work and studies are forcing me on a pretty long hiatus) and thank you again for your kind words, it really means a lot.

One last thing...sì, sono italiana ;D

Sfortunatamente ho visto la risposta solo ora dopo aver visto la notifica del tuo follow(dopo un mese causa scuola ;;)!

Sono sicura che sarai in grado di creare un sacco di altri giochi incredibili, continua così (^▿^✿)


Even in the darkest cave in the middle of nowhere, I can befriend a monster who wants to eat me, or does he?

Thank you for your gameplay ;)


The game, the art, the story and overall gameplay is really much better than i expected,

I kept thinking "man i hope the game has a good ending where  the creature  and i be happy and stuff. I only played it once, got ending #5 (gonna go back, be bad-gotta get other endings lol);  and i just had to leave a review to show my appreciation . Im also following you now so i hope you do more beautiful games like this! 

Thank you!


Thank YOU Channera, what you wrote means a lot :) I hope I won't disappoint you ;)

I think overall this was a good game.  Alone in the jungle with a tribesman? Monster? It was a new atmosphere to take part in. I only have one small little gripe. The  go away option actually closes the game. I didn't know that was going to happen and, was a small inconvience but, overall good game!

The go away option was meant to be a "creative way" to exit the game, sorry about that XD

But I'm glad you enjoyed the game ;)



Thank you for your gameplay!


This game is pretty awesome honestly. I have only obtained one ending. The game for me has a deep message that the whole world needs to get. Don't judge a book by it's cover. I think the developer did a great job and I look forward to playing more and getting the other endings.  If viewers of my channel want me to show more of the endings I will, otherwise I will play it on my own. Here is my let's play!

Thank you so much for your gameplay and thoughts on my game! :D


This game was amazing. I loved how the story tugged you in one direction and shifted it into another in the blink of an eye. I definitely plan on playing it more on my own time to get the other endings, but I got the true ending here. I want more!

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Oh god I loved your gameplay X°D! Thank you so much for making it (hope you don't mind, but I used it as the official gameplay here on this page) ;D

Whoa, thanks! I'm glad you liked it that much! I'm honored! :D


I absolutely adored this game, it shows that sometimes it's better to face your fears and not let you get scared or confused by them. It also shows that sometimes you have to know someone, or in this case, something better before judging about him/her/it. I think, that it has a pretty deep message in the game, even if you didn't intend to do that. For me the message is to not judge someone by their cover, which I never do anyways. That's probably why I gave that thing a chance. I do hope you read this and perhaps reply to it if you feel like it. Have a great day/afternoon/night good sir and i hope to see more of your game in the future. (Preferably this kind of game because your writing is just so damn good+

Thank you benyboy for taking the time to write a feedback, your words are very kind and I greatly apreciate them :)

I'm so, so happy you feel that way about my game: that was indeed the message I was trying to convey, and I'm so glad it came across. I wish you a great day aswell, and I hope I won't let you down with my future games!

I really look forward to your projects in the future, and wish you the best of luck in making new games. I also would like to ask you to to keep me informed when you released a game

Thanks! I'll do it gladly :)

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Thank you for your gameplay! I'm glad you liked the game :D

Deleted post

We really enjoyed this game. We didn't really know what to expect, and were rather fond of the sympathy that we acquired upon learning more about the mysterious creature. We even made a video of our playthrough: 

Thank you for your gameplay! I'm glad you liked the game *^^*

What an incredible game! A beautiful story, perfectly captured within a creepy and mysterious element. I was able to get the true ending in first playthrough, and I feel that my choices had actual impact on the story.

Great job!

Thank you so much for your feedback and gameplay!  I'm happy you enjoyed the game ;) 

To be honest, I'm not one for horror games so when I was playing your game, I hugged my pillow like my life depended on it :D. But after I got the ending 5, I was so relieved and happy. It's a great game with beautiful story even though it was pretty short. Really looking forward to your games in the future (^.^).

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Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it even though you don't normally like scary things :D 

I plan to make longer games in the future *fingers crossed*. The next one will still be horror, but after that,  I'd like  to explore other genres (I even have a draft for an  otome  game up my sleeve, ah ah) so I hope I won't disappoint!

Btw, I'm just like you, but I squeeze the living daylights out of a stuffed ikea carrot...don't tell anyone

I got Ending 5 at the first time and I got goosebumps. Together. What a beautiful ending. Love the game! I'd like to get Ending 3.. Any tips? :P

Thank you so much! In the download section there's a walkthrough file that could help ;) but if you want to find the correct picks on your own


always be mean with the creature and, when you are presented with the choice, kill him.  Then, remember to check inside the cave. I hope it won't be too  hard after seeing ending 5

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Quite enjoyed this one! Nice and creepy with an atmosphere of slight unease, sort of like what I get in the Metro games but without the panic induced terror I feel when sneaking past Librarians.

Looking forward to seeing what you do next!



I really enjoyed this game. The writing is able to make everything flow very naturally and make you care for something in the end.

P.S did you crash on a space ship, boat or Plane.

Thank you! What you wrote really means a lot :)

The nature of the "ship" was intentionally left ambiguous, but if you get Ending 1


by choosing not to stay with the kid, you will exit the cave alone and find out you are on an alien planet so...definitely a space ship ;)  

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For some reason I don't see this phrase in game after update:
$ var_name =_("'re ugly.")

mmm...I will look into it. Were you playing in English or in Russian?

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Ok, I spotted the problem, I'll update a fixed version as soon as possible :) thank you for telling me

edit: reuploaded


I got the true ending and Kid is just a sweet, precious and creepy cinnamon roll, I love him so much though, nice game it really brought the atmosphere and it has some nice art,

Thank you! :3

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